MK Kalfa: Budget Cuts Won't Cut Too Deep

MK Zvulun Kalfa, a member of the Knesset Finance Committee, reassured Israelis that despite the proposed budget, things wouldn't be too bad.

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David Lev,

Zvulun Kalfa
Zvulun Kalfa
Nissim Lev

MK Zvulun Kalfa (Bayit Yehudi), a member of the Knesset Finance Committee, said that he and other MKs on the Committee realized the need for austerity, but added that they would not let the budget proposed by Finance Minister Yair Lapid to cut too deeply. “We are in a complicated situation, and the budget shows this,” he said. “This is because of the various issues we have had to deal with in the last year and a half. The new government is trying to do something to repair the situation.”

With that, Kalfa said in an interview with Arutz Sheva, there were “red lines” he and other MKs would not cross. “I am sure that after discussions the budget that was presented by the Finance Minister will be changed, and the budget changes will be changed as well. I expect that the final budget will be less damaging to the pocketbooks of the average Israeli.

“We do not just live in the Knesset,” he said. “We go around the country and listen to what people have to say. We were sent here by the people and we are concerned for them, but on the other hand we have to be concerned with the bigger issues, and propose alternatives. I am sure the Committee will be putting in long hour discussing the budget,” he said.

“We have some influence on things, and we will not be a rubber stamp for the Finance Minister,” Kalfa pledged. “All of the parties have a common interest in easing the budget, and I hope we will be able to make the necessary changes,” he added.