Syrian Official: Israeli Strike 'Declaration of War'

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Feisal Mekdad on Sunday called Israel's bombing of a weapons transport in Syria a “declaration of war"

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David Lev,

Feisal al-Mekdad
Feisal al-Mekdad

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Feisal al-Mekdad on Sunday called Israel's bombing of a weapons transport in Syria a “declaration of war.” Speaking in an interview on CNN, al-Mekdad said that Israel was siding with “Islamist terrorists” to unseat President Bashar al-Assad, and that Syria would respond “at the time and in the manner that it chooses to.”

Israel has not confirmed or denied the claims that it had attacked a convoy in Syria that was transporting Iranian produced missiles to Hizbullah over Syrian territory. “We don't respond to these kinds of reports,” an IDF spokesperson told foreign news media Sunday.

Also condemning the strike was Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour, demanding that the Arab League take “a decisive stand against Israeli terrorism.” Mansour complained that the League had remained silent “for too long” in the wake of “Israeli hooliganism,” and demanded that the League “immediately condemn the Israeli action against the Assad regime.”

British Foreign Secretary William Hague, on the other hand, expressed “understanding” for Israel's need to defend itself from terror groups. “Israel made it clear that it would respond if it suspected that advanced weapons systems were being handed over to Hizbullah,” he said. “Israel will act to defend its security,” and such actions must be “respected,” he added.