Republican Women: Wake Up to Danger of Radical Islam

Republican women hold conference on the dangers of radical Islam. ‘Wake up, America!’

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Pakistani Muslim protesters burn a US flag du
Pakistani Muslim protesters burn a US flag du
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A Republican women’s group in New York held a conference this week on the dangers of radical Islam. The conference was titled, “Radical Islam, Public Enemy Number One – is it Fact or Myth?”

Arutz Sheva spoke to Ann Salpeter Schockett, president of the Nassau County Federation of Republican Women.

One of the speakers at the conference was Greg Buckley Sr., whose son, a United States soldier, was murdered by an Afghan police officer at his Marine base in Afghanistan.

Another was Pamela Geller, an author and political activist known for her vocal criticism of radical Islam.

Schockett paraphrased Geller’s message, “Wake up, America! Wake up and see what’s happening.”

“It’s good to be a humanitarian, but that doesn’t mean you should be blind,” she added.

The issue of radical Islam is relevant to Israel, she noted, but, she said, is also relevant to “what’s happening now on our shores.”