Hizbullah Terrorists Lending Many Hands to Assad's Army

Syria's civil war is slowly but surely “leaking” out to Lebanon, as Hizbullah terrorists aid Syrian army troops

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David Lev,

Hizbullah supporters
Hizbullah supporters
IDF Spokesperson

Syria's civil war is slowly but surely “leaking” out to Lebanon, a result of the direct participation by Hizbullah terrorists in the war, assisting Bashar al-Assad's government forces against Syrian rebels. Hizbullah terrorists have joined Assad's forces in several key battles, including a large battle at Al-Kuseir. According to reports, many Hizbullah terrorists were killed in that battle.

Hundreds of Hizbullah terrorists are now said to be in Syria, stationed in the many Shi'ite villages in bordering Syria. The terrorists act as “security guards” for the government, tamping down incidents of anti-Assad activity, and joining fighting in battles that take place in the area. Many terrorists have been killed in these battles, reports said.

In response to the increased activity by Shi'ite-oriented Hizbullah, the sheikh of the central Bilal bin-Rabah Mosque in Sidon, Ahnad al-Asir, last week announced the establishment of a new Sunni fighting force to defend Sunni communities in Syria.

There were several other instances of organized activity against Hizbullah; a group calling itself “The Free Al-Baqa Brigades” declared that it would work against Hizbullah's activities in Syria, threatening to move the center of their activities from Lebanon's Al-Baka region to Syria. The group called on Sunni Lebanese soldiers to leave their posts, given the control Hizbullah has over the army and the increased activity of Lebanese soldiers sympathetic to Hizbullah in Lebanon, under the direct orders of Iran and with the assistance of the terror group.

In recent months tensions between Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims in Lebanon have reached new heights, with numerous violent clashes taking place.