Forecast: Hot, Dry Weather, Rain in Arava

Weather is expected to be hot and dry, with dust in some places, chance of rain in others.<br/>

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The weather will by hot and dry on Friday, forecasters say. There may be strong winds in hilly regions in the morning. Strong northern winds are expected along the coast in the afternoon.

Saturday is expected to be hot and dry as well. The air may be dusty in much of the country.

In the Arava region, there is a chance of rain on Saturday.

On Sunday the heat is expected to continue. Skies will be partially cloudy. There will still be a chance of rain in the Arava.

The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) continued to rise Thursday after late rains earlier in the week. The surface of the lake went up by one centimeter to 209.87 meters below sea level.