N. Korea Moves Short-Range Scud Launchers to East Coast

North Korea continues to 'play chicken' with its neighbor, moving two more missile launchers to its southeastern coast over the weekend.

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Chana Ya'ar,

Scud launcher used for training purposes
Scud launcher used for training purposes
Israel news photo: US Navy

North Korea continues to 'play chicken' with its neighbor, moving two more short-range Scud missile launchers to its east coast over the weekend.

South Korean military sources quoted by the Yonhap news agency (South Korea) said in a report Sunday that satellite imagery indicated two mobile missile launchers were moved to North Korea’s South Hamgyeong province.

“The military is closely watching the latest preparations for a missile launch by the north,” the unidentified source told Yonhap.

Two mid-range Musudan missile launchers were moved into place in early April ahead of the country’s April 15 national holiday to mark the founding of North Korea.

Seven other mobile launchers were also moved into the same area, according to Yonhap, but the report added the consolidation of military power could be a show of force to mark the April 25 founding of North Korea’s army.

South Korean government officials were calm in response to the news, with a defense ministry official saying North Korea regularly test fires short-range missiles into the sea from the east coast.

The official said he could not confirm the latest report and added there had been no sign of unusual activity in the North.