Facility for Israel State Archives to Be Built in Jerusalem

The Cabinet has decided to build a permanent home for the Israel State Archives in Jerusalem.

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ancient documents (illustrative)
ancient documents (illustrative)
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The Cabinet, at its weekly meeting Sunday, on the eve of Israel's 65th Independence Day decided to build a permanent home for the Israel State Archives, out of recognition of its importance as the national institution responsible for preserving, and rendering accessible, the documentation of Israel's state institutions.

According to the decision, a facility for the Israel State Archives will be built adjacent to the Central Zionist Archives near the entrance to Jerusalem. The new building will house the archives administration, an auditorium, exhibition hall and reading facilities.

Cabinet Secretary Tzvi Hauser, who led the Cabinet decision, noted, "Building a worthy home for the Israel State Archives will ensure a basis for the ability to document state activities, preserve archival material for generations and guarantee their accessibility to the public in an optimal manner."

State Archivist Yaakov Lazovik said that building a new permanent home for the archives will give it a place of honor as one of the institutions of Israel's democracy.

"This decision – alongside the decisions to rebuild and strengthen national heritage infrastructures, establish an archival storage installation in Arad, and digitize the material and post it online – will allow the public to realize its democratic right and benefit from transparency in public activity."