Some Arabs Honor Shoah Day, Others Don't

Arab National Service volunteers took part in memorial evening. Others ignored the siren.

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Gil Ronen,

National service volunteers
National service volunteers
National service

Arab volunteers in the National Service program, which serves as an alternative to military service, took part in a memorial evening for victims of the Holocaust on Sunday. The volunteers, some of whom took part in a visit to death camp sites in Poland, discussed the Holocaust and their lessons from it.

Sar-Shalom Jerbi, Director of the National-Civilian Service Administration, who was present at the evening, praised the volunteers.  

 "We are proud of the National Service volunteers from the Arab sector," he said, "and happy that they took part in the deep discussion about the meaning of the Holocaust from their point of view. I am certain that the annihilation of any nation due to its race will not be repeated."

The volunteers joined the National Service as part of the Noar Oved Velomed movement. They serve for one year, in which the volunteer in schools and in the movement's branches.

Meanwhile, an Arab who took part in a municipal course somewhere in Israel was videotaped demonstratively sitting out the Holocaust remembrance siren. He was confronted by angry fellow students and reportedly called the police against them at a certain point.