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      Drivers Warned: Be Careful During Memorial Siren

      Safety precautions for 10 a.m. siren blast in memory of Holocaust victims.
      By Maayana Miskin
      First Publish: 4/7/2013, 11:57 AM

      Israeli road
      Israeli road
      Israel news photo: Flash 90

      On Monday, Holocaust Memorial Day, a two-minute siren will sound at 10 a.m. in memory of Holocaust victims. During the siren Israelis will stand silently in a gesture of respect and commemoration.

      The National Authority for Road Safety warned Sunday that while Israelis understandably want to keep the tradition of standing during the siren, drivers must first and foremost protect themselves and those around them by adhering to safety rules.

      The authority has released a list of safety guidelines. The first step is for drivers to plan for the siren ahead of time by pulling over in a safe place before it sounds and waiting.

      Drivers who wish to stop and stand but cannot reach a parking spot in time should pull over to the right-hand shoulder and put on their blinkers. They should stand a safe distance from the road and from their car, preferably behind a safety barrier.

      Pedestrians were warned to continue to adhere to normal safety standards during the siren, and not to rely on all drivers to stop their cars.