'Sicarii' Accuse Gerrer Hassidim of Building in 'Cemetery'

Dozens of members of the hareidi community identified with the “Sicarii” group held an angry protest over an alleged grave violation.

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Hareidim protest grave violations (archive)
Hareidim protest grave violations (archive)

Dozens of members of the hareidi community identified with the “Sicarii” group demonstrated near the Geulah neighborhood of Jerusalem Sunday. The demonstrators were protesting an alleged violation of several graves in a construction project in Geulah.

The project is taking place at the site of the Schneller army base on Geulah Street. The base has recently been moved elsewhere, and the IDF sold off the land to private developers. It is perhaps the last large undeveloped parcel of land in Geulah and Meah She'arim, and plans for the site include homes, stores, and schools.

Among the projects is an expansion of a Beit Midrash (study hall/synagogue) used by the Gerrer hasidic group. During the course of construction, according to the protestors, several graves were found at the spot and they are demanding that construction be halted, because the site is a cemetery.

Demonstrators shouted loudly, witnesses said, and at one point attempted to rush the construction crew that was working on the site. Police moved in and the demonstrators began facing off against them. More police forces were called in to control the situation. Police arrested three demonstrators before breaking up the crowd.