Tekuma Rabbis: Bennett-Lapid Alliance a Good Idea

Four of the rabbis who advise the MKs of the Tekuma faction of the Jewish Home party said they approved of the alliance with Yesh Atid.

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Lapid and Bennett
Lapid and Bennett
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Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett got some support Sunday for his alliance with Yesh Atid's Yair Lapid, from some of the rabbis who advise the MKs of the Tekuma faction of the Jewish Home party. The Rabbis – Dov Lior, Haim Steiner, Isser Klonsky and Haim David Halevi – said that they were behind Bennett in his decision to remain in the alliance with Lapid, despite heavy pressure on him to recant after Lapid's rejection of alliance with the hareidi parties.

Jewish Home was created last November when MKs from the National Union and National Religious Party (which had already merged to create Jewish Home) integrated the Tekuma faction, led by MK Uri Ariel, into the party. The Tekuma MKs are seen as the more rightwing faction of Jewish Home.

Reports that all the rabbis opposed the alliance were incorrect, the four rabbis said in a statement. “In the light of updates we have received from MKs and members of Jewish Home, and taking into account the media stories on the matter, we wish to 'strengthen the hands' of the path Jewish Home has chosen, as it works to preserve the world of Torah and the communities of the Land of Israel,” the statement said. “We support the cooperation with Yesh Atid and with Yair Lapid,” they wrote in a letter addressed to Bennett and Ariel.

The letter pointedly described the party's attempts to “preserve the world of Torah,” in contrast to recent accusations by hareidi parties Shas and United Torah Jewry that Jewish Home was “destroying the world of Torah” by allying with Yesh Atid.