Dayan: Jewish Home ‘Shooting Itself in the Foot’

Dayan accuses Bennett of preferring ‘pro-expulsion’ Yair Lapid to Netanyahu.

Maayana Miskin,

Lapid and Bennett
Lapid and Bennett
Flash 90

Former Yesha Council head Danny Dayan published a scathing criticism Tuesday of Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) head Naftali Bennett’s pact with the Yesh Atid party led by Yair Lapid.

“During the elections I was criticized for recalling something Bennett said that was among the reasons he was fired from the Yesha Council – that ‘Tzipi is preferable to Bibi,’” Dayan said. “They said I took things out of context, etc.”

“I really was wrong,” he wrote. “I’m sorry: not Tzipi, but [Yesh Atid members] Yaakov Peri of ‘The Gatekeepers,’ Ofer Shelach of Hala Hakibush, Yael German of Meretz and Yair Lapid, who celebrated the expulsion from Gaza – these are preferable to Bibi.”

“I’m shocked to see the splendid religious Zionist community going blindly against itself and against settlement in Judea and Samaria,” he added.

“Yes, the Likud did inappropriate things during the elections campaign,” Dayan continued. “True, Bibi does not like Bennett for his own reasons. That was known even before the Jewish Home primaries. So what? Because of that, religious Zionism will go against its most sacred beliefs? Will lose itself due to a personal dispute between two people?”

Dayan stated that his issue is not only with Bennett, but with “the sheep-like silence of those who disagree with him.”

“The religious Zionist world – which I am not part of, but love with my whole heart – is shooting itself and the settlement in Judea and Samaria in the foot over and over,” he concluded. “I hope it hasn’t yet shot itself in the head.”

Dayan stepped down from the Yesha Council prior to the elections in order to campaign for the Likud.