Revealed: ‘Iron Dome’ was Down as Iran Threatened

The rocket defense system in northern Israel was down for weeks due to flooding – while Iran threatened via Syria and Hizbullah.

Maayana Miskin,

Iron Dome anti-missile system
Iron Dome anti-missile system
IDF Spokesman

An Iron Dome rocket defense installation positioned in northern Israel was out of service for six weeks, Army Radio (Galei Tzahal) reported Tuesday.

The system was damaged when the building it was stored in, in the Air Force base in Hatzor, was flooded during the major rainstorm that hit the country in January. The Haelah river near the base overran its banks during the storm and flooded the base.

The Iron Dome was so badly damaged that it could not be used. It has since been repaired and is now operational.

During the weeks that it was down, Iran threatened to attack Israel in retaliation for the destruction of a chemical weapons processing center near Damascus. The Iranian regime threatened a response via Syria.

The pro-Syrian Lebanese terrorist group Hizbullah threatened Israel during the same time period as well. Hizbullah has primarily targeted northern Israel in past large-scale attacks.