MKs Strook, Shaked Pull Purim Switcheroo

Bayit Yehudi MKs change into each other. There is a message there, too.

Gil Ronen ,

Ayelet Strook
Ayelet Strook

New Bayit Yehudi MKs Orit Strook and Ayelet Shaked celebrated Purim Monday by dressing up as each other.

Strook is a resident of Hevron and religious mother of 10. Shaked is a secular mother of two who lives in Tel Aviv.

Besides being funny and somewhat sweet, there is a message in the switcheroo.

Bayit Yehudi under its current incarnation, led by Naftali Bennett, prides itself on offering leadership that secular Jews, too, can identify with. The old Bayit Yehudi, according to Bennett and his protégé Shaked, was too insular and religious-sector-oriented. The new Bayit Yehudi does not suffer from feeling of inferiority vis-à-vis secular parties, and just as Likud features religious people – Bayit Yehudi features secular ones.

This approach worked well in the elections, and Bayit Yehudi reportedly received some of its support from secular voters. However, a chunk of potential secular votes was lost as a result of the Likud campaign against the party, which warned that Bennett and Shaked were only a facade meant to hide the supposedly "backward" religious nature of the party.