'Purim in Olam HaBa' to Host Concert, Parade

The Olam HaBa group hopes to bring 'The World to Come' down to our world to recharge your soul with the spirituality and joy of Purim.

Ben Bresky,

Purim parade in Jerusalem 2012
Purim parade in Jerusalem 2012
King David Studio

The “Purim in Olam Habah” event is returning for a second year in Jerusalem. A concert and parade will take place. A new band called Meloya, comprised of former members of Aharit Hayamim will perform. The group plays a mix of Jewish and Hasidic music mixed with ethnic tunes from Reunion Island, a French speaking colony off the coast of Madagascar with a tiny Jewish community.

Also performing will be the G-Nome Project, a local jam band. Guitarist Yakir Hyman told Arutz Sheva that the band will play “grilled cheese funk and premier livetronica music.” The event is organized by Olam Habah in conjunction with the Jewish Unity Project and other groups.

Last year’s event included a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of Jerusalem and ended with a late night concert in the Mount Zion neighborhood near the Old City of Jerusalem. This year’s event will again a concert in a courtyard park near King David Street in downtown Jerusalem. The parade will begin at dawn following the concert.

Pesach Stadlin, a coordinator of the event spoke to Arutz Sheva about the project. “Olam Habah means ‘the world that is coming'" he stated. "It is the vision of humanity living in harmony with itself and creation. Our projects are aimed at that." The group seeks to incorporate all types of Jewish people and “host interactions between people and encourage dialogue.”

The event will take place Sunday, February 24th at #10 Emile Botta Street. Doors open at 9:00PM. For more information click here.

Sunday marks Shushan Purim. As described in the book of Esther, those who lived in walled cities celebrate Purim one day after those in other cities. The fast of Esther will take place on Thursday February 21st so as not to interfere with Shabbat. 

For an interview regarding last year's event click here.

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