Tenufa Races the Clock on Expellee Resettlement

The Tenufa Administration has just months to go to resettle Jews from Gaza. Its current aim: to speed bureaucracy.

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The Tenufa Administration is working against the clock to help the last of the Israelis expelled from Gaza in 2005 to settle in new permanent homes. In mid-2013, Tenufa is to be shut down.

The administration’s latest move is an attempt to cut the government bureaucracy slowing the resettlement process. Tenufa recently gave up some of its own funding to allow the Shekamim Committee, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior, to hire new workers.

The Shekamim Committee must approve requests from those seeking to build homes in the Lachish and Hof Ashkekon regions. A major backlog in requests meant that many expellees seeking to live in those regions were forced to wait.

Thanks to Tenufa’s help, the committee hired two new workers. The two are focusing on requests to live in areas most popular with Gaza expellees: one handles requests for Nitzan and Be’er Ganim in the Hof Ashkelon region, while the other has been dealing with matters pertaining to Neta, Bnei Dekalim and Amatzia – three towns built in the Lachish region by Israelis expelled from Gaza.

As of July 2012, only 35% of former Gush Katif residents were living in new permanent homes. Many were still living in the “caravilla” trailer park villages.