Recipe from Israel: Fillet of Salmon in Velvet Sauce

Israel may be the place for the best falafel and pita ever, but its cuisine has come a long way. Try gourmet dishes from Israel's chefs.

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פילה סלמון
פילה סלמון
סטודיו דרור כץ

(Serves 4)


4 fillets of salmon

8 asparagus spears


1 tbs. oil or butter

1 tbs. minced ginger

1 tsp. crushed garlic

3tbs. light soy sauce

1 cup cooking cream, vegetarian or dairy

Salt and pepper to taste

1-2 tbs. mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine, optional)

Melt the butter and brown the garlic and ginger in it for half a minute. Add the soy sauce and cream, bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes, add salt and pepper.

Broil (or bake without turning, just till done) the salmon, starting skin side down and turning over once.

Pour boiling water over the asparagus spears, leave for 1 minute, rinse in ice water and split lengthwise.

To serve:

Place the fillets on serving dish, arrange the asparagus over them and pour the sauce over both, covering the bottom of the dish as well.

Suggested accompaniment: steamed rice.