Bennett Memes are the New Hit

Humorous memes regarding Bennett's "superman" qualities are the latest Facebook fad.

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Gil Ronen,

'Bennett's first time on the beach'
'Bennett's first time on the beach'
Facebook meme

The latest Facebook fad, at least among nationalist Israelis, is the sharing of humorous memes about Naftali Bennett. Unlike other memes about politicians, which tend to be mocking or critical – these memes are quite positive. At least some appear to have been created by religious Zionists.

The common theme in the memes is the depiction of Bennett as a superhero who can do no wrong.

One shows a child stepping on a shark, with the caption: "Bennett's first time on the beach."

Another shows a lone car braving the flood in Tel Aviv and says it is Bennett's.

Others show him braving the flood on a waterski and boat.

Yet another shows the bald-headed Bennett and says "defeats the Philistines, even without the hair."