Min. Erdan: Netanyahu Wants Nationalist Gov't

Likud minister denies Naftali Bennett's claim that Netanyahu seeks leftist partners.

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Gil Ronen,

Gilad Erdan
Gilad Erdan
Nissim Lev

Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) Monday fended off accusations by Bayit Yehudi head Naftali Bennett, that Binyamin Netanyahu is seeking leftist partners in his next coalition.

Speaking at Besheva Magazine's Jerusalem Conference, Erdan said that Netanyahu wants a nationalist coalition.

Bennett's accusations are "shots fired inside the armored personnel carrier," he said, using an Israeli turn of phrase that denotes infighting among comrades-in-arms.

Erdan promised that the religious Zionist public will be a partner in the next government.

He also adamantly opposed statements by Moshe Feiglin, who called the Israeli judicial system corrupt. He said that the religious Zionist public should become a part of the judicial system instead of attacking it, and noted that – together with MKs Uri Ariel (currently in Bayit Yehudi) and David Rotem (now in Likud Beytenu) he worked successfully to have religious Zionists appointed to the Supreme Court.