Arabs Attack Soldier, Steal His Weapon

PA Arabs attack an IDF soldier north of Jerusalem, steal his weapon and run off. Police and IDF investigating.

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Elad Benari,

IDF base (illustrative)
IDF base (illustrative)
Flash 90

Palestinian Authority Arabs attacked an IDF soldier at the A-Ram checkpoint, north of Jerusalem, on Thursday night. The attackers stole the soldier's weapon and ran off.

An initial investigation found that two suspects arrived at the checkpoint, sprayed the soldier with tear gas, stole his weapon and then left the area. The soldier was lightly injured and treated at the scene. He did not require hospitalization.

Military police have launched an investigation into the incident in cooperation with the Israel Police. IDF forces were searching the area in order to locate the suspects. Kol Yisrael radio reported that one of the possibilities being examined is that the attack was of a criminal background and not a terrorist attack.

PA Arabs have rioted and attempted to carry out terror attacks in Hevron and throughout Judea and Samaria in recent days.

Two terror incidents occurred last week. In one incident last Thursday, members of an IDF unit stationed near Hevron shot an Arab terrorist as he prepared to throw a firebomb at them.

Arab reports claimed that the terrorist was seriously wounded and taken to hospital in the city.

A day earlier, a female officer shot and killed a 17-year-old PA Arab terrorist who pulled a gun on Border Police officers near Hevron.

A police sapper who arrived subsequently to check out the gun determined that it was a fake gun. In response Arabs rioted in Hevron, where they hurled rocks and bottles at Israeli soldiers.

A group of terrorists released a video last week in which they announced the formation of a new military brigade, which would start a new intifada (uprising) against Israel beginning in Hevron.