A Day of Hanukkah Fun in Israel for CF Children

Dozens of young patients with cystic fibrosis enjoyed a day of fun in Israel on Hanukkah, thanks to the Chaim L'Yeled organization.

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Chana Ya'ar,

Children with CF enjoying Hanukkah in Israel
Children with CF enjoying Hanukkah in Israel
Courtesy of Chaim L'Yeled

Dozens of patients and their families had a fun day out during the Hanukkah holiday in Israel, sponsored by the “Chaim L'Yeled” organization.

Organization chairman Rabbi Reuben Sklar received dozens of calls from parents thanking him for the happy moments their children had enjoyed. “The activity was a great experience and contributed to the health of the patients,” Sklar said.

The group was transported by a chartered bus to various locations where the children were able to ride camels and donkeys, bake bread in a traditional outside “taboun” oven and experience a Bedouin hospitality tent. They also enjoyed a petting zoo with indigenous reptiles and snakes as well as other animals.

Walking is especially helpful to those who suffer with CF (cystic fibrosis), Skar explained. The many hours of wandering around the attractions were helpful to the families, despite the physical limitations of the patients.

The pleasures of the day were sealed with a special gift – a CD with the “best Hanukkah songs” produced by Life Productions, and donated through the generosity of Rabbi Yosef Moshe Kahane.

“The day's activities enabled the patients to be able to forget their disease for a time, and provided them with several hours of joy,” said Ms. Coriat, director of the organization. “Seeing their smiles and the happiness on their faces made it all worthwhile.”

Cystic fibrosis is a pulmonary disease that makes it difficult to breathe. Chaim L'Yeled is an organization that provides economic relief, helping families purchase medical equipment and access lifesaving treatment. The organization also operates a holiday home at the Dead Sea for CF patients with psoriasis and their families.