PA Arabs Attack Attack Rescue Team

Palestinian Authority Arabs rioted against the IDF at Yitzhar in Samaria and hurled rocks at rescue team carrying an injured soldier.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ,

Arab mob
Arab mob
Israel news photo: Binyamin residents council

Palestinian Authority Arabs rioted against the Israel Defense Forces near Yitzhar in Samaria around noon Monday, in another test of the military, and then threw rocks at a rescue team carrying an injured soldier.

The clash began when an Arab shepherd' approached the borders of the community and refused orders to stay away.

Soldiers acted to prevent him from encroaching on Yitzhar, and dozens of Arabs quickly came to the scene and hurled rocks at the soldiers.

The soldier and at least one Arab suffered light injuries. The IDF decided to evacuate the soldier by stretcher through the hills because of the rough terrrain, ane the team then came under a massive rock attack by Arab villagers.

The clash followed by one week two incidents in which outnumbered soldiers were seen apparently running away from rioters throwing rocks and other objects.

In at least one of the incidents, the IDF said the video was misleading and that the soldiers actually were running towards another point of conflict.

The number and severity of anti-Israeli attacks by Palestinian Authority Arabs has increased dramatically in Judea and Samaria the past week, following announcements by Hamas, in Gaza, and the Fatah party headed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, which welcomed each other as political partners.

The PA in Ramallah allowed Hamas to demonstrate in Samaria for the first time in years, and thousands of Arabs demonstrators called for the establishment of a single Arab state encompassing all of Israel.