Photos: Six-Year-Old Noah Brought to Rest

At Edath Israel synagogue in Newtown, community says goodbye to boy murdered in school massacre.

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Gil Ronen,

Noah Posner z"l
Noah Posner z"l
Family photo

The first of the 26 victims of the massacre at Newtown, Connecticut, was brought to rest on Sunday.

Noah Posner, aged 6, was the only Jewish victim.

Rabbi Shaul Praver of Edath Israel told his congregation that the massacre is "proof that there is much evil in the world."

On Saturday, Rabbi Praver had told the assembled worshipers: "Don’t think that life is somewhere over the rainbow. What you’ve got right now, with your family, your friends, your house: This might be as good as life is ever going to be."

The congregation also bade farewell to Ben Weiler, another boy murdered in the massacre. Although he was not Jewish, his parents used to volunteer at Edath Israel.

Jewish law prescibes that burial take place as soon as possible after death out of respect for the deceased, created in "the image of G-d.".