Nutrition: Three Strikes and You're In!

You can make a change in your eating habits one step at a time.

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Nili Abrahams, C.H.H.C.,

Food packages for the needy
Food packages for the needy
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Awareness and making informed choices are the keys to becoming healthy.

However, the wellness world can be confusing as you try and pick the diet that should work for you. There are hundreds of diets out there and many more to come, in such, that a diet that works for one person may not work for another.

So what is the most logical starting point to improved health? How can you embark on the path to a healthy lifestyle in a manner that is not too drastic and can be sustained? Are there foods that should be avoided immediately?

If you were to choose to avoid only 3 foods, at first, you might consider removing the following foods as a way to improve your health dramatically. These bad news foods exist in many of our regularly eaten fare. They include margarine, artificial sweeteners and microwaveable popcorn.

Of course there are many more items on the list of unhealthy foods and additives, but the goal is to start at an appealing beginning. Each of these foods is so harmful that committing to just stopping them makes sounds sense and points you in the right direction. These foods also have tasty alternatives that may make cutting them out more palatable while moving to wholesomeness with pure real foods.

Enjoy butter, a little white sugar and olive oil popped popcorn as a rarely eaten special treat knowing that it is the launch of a new healthful ideal.

Making small changes is a great strategy that leads to refining your diet outlook and ultimately to better health.

There is a powerful tool called CROWDING OUT that really works. The plan is to introduce good and wholesome foods to your food repertoire in order to CROWD OUT and possibly eliminate the unhealthy foods. CROWDING OUT regularly can assist you in making major changes to your lifestyle.

Add one item at a time. Perhaps, start by eating a full grain breakfast cereal, or drink more water than pop, add fruits to your snacks and green vegetable to your potato French Fries. Make it something you enjoy.

Crowd out using the wholesome and healthy and soon the unhealthy choices seem to lose its appeal; especially if the foods you bring in are colourful, tasty and not a chore to prepare.

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And remember you can choose your best life one step at a time.