'Peace Process' Intifada
Abbas’ Suit and Tie Has Same End as Arafat’s Pistol: Violence

Abbas’ unity with Hamas already has spawned violence. Woman hurt by rock before the Sabbath. PA lets Hamas run loose.

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Arab  protester hurls stones at IDF during pr
Arab protester hurls stones at IDF during pr
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Mahmoud Abbas’ embrace of the Hamas terrorist organization and his diplomatic talents of convincing the UN to applaud his violations of the Oslo Accord may already have spawned a new round of violence in Judea and Samaria, as predicted by Arutz Sheva for more than a year and as recently as last week.

A young woman was wounded by a rock that crashed thorough the windshield of the car which her husband was driving on Highway 60, between Jerusalem and Kiryat Arba-Hevron shortly before the beginning of the Sabbath Friday night. Instead of arriving at her parents' home in the southern Hevron Hills, she was rushed to a Jerusalem hospital and released shortly before the beginning the Sabbath.

Friday’s rock-throwing came a day after a troubling IDF retreat from an Arab mob, signs of what may be in store for residents of Judea and Samaria. More than three dozen Arabs bombarded solders with rocks and stones when the IDF tried to stop the attacks on motorists. At least three IDF soldiers and Border Policemen were wounded for their trouble.

The day before, an outnumbered IDF force hastily retreated after a mob attacked them as they tried to arrest a Palestinian Authority policeman for terror.

Rock and firebomb attacks on roads in Judea and Samaria have been increasingly frequent since the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly granted the Palestinian Authority Non-Member Observer status.

Hamas, after more than year of opposing Abbas' UN ploy, understood the strategy and reversed its stand several weeks ago while at the same time rejecting a “two-state” solution.

The new unity between the Fatah faction, headed by Abbas, and Hamas was a new call to arms, which Abbas has disguised under a call to Israel to “negotiate” while simply allowing his security forces to let Hamas terrorists operate without interference, the Maariv newspaper reported Sunday.

Abbas has cashed in the chips he has been stockpiling ever since he took over after Yasser Arafat died eight years ago last month. Replacing Arafat’s pistol on the hip and his black-and white checkered kefiyah with a suit and tie, he built up an image as a “peace partner,” convincing the United States to force the Sharon, Olmert and Netanyahu governments to make "good will concessions” towards a “final status” solution to PA demands.

The Oslo goal of reaching a negotiated agreement on borders and security for Israel evolved into an assumption by the international community and reported as fact by mainstream media that the goal of the “peace process” was to grant the Arab world’s territorial demands that Israel’s border be shrunk to those that existed with the Temporary Armistice Lines drawn by the UN and which ended with the Six-Day War in 1967.

Simultaneously, Abbas ostensibly eschewed violence while the PA education system and Muslim clerics openly preached violence and the establishment of a new Arab state of “Palestine” in place of Israel, from the Lebanese to the Egyptian border and from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.