What Israelis Seek on Google: Lower Phone Prices and More Cash

Google's Israel office released statistics on how Israelis used the company's search engine in recent weeks.

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David Lev,

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Google in Hebrew

Google's Israel office on Wednesday released statistics on how Israelis used the company's search engine in recent weeks. The most popular search term? “Golan Telecom,” the discount cellphone company that last slashed prices, setting a new low in cellphone service prices.

The search for Golan Telecom corresponded to the quick rise in the number of customers the company has acquired in recent months. Golan was the first of the new cellphone companies to cut prices significantly several months ago, offering an all-inclusive package for NIS 99 (about $27). The new offer, for customers transferring from other companies, will give customers an all-they-can-use package of local and international phone calls, internet connections, and text messages for NIS 49 (about $13) a month.

The month of November, during which Israel was locked in a fierce missile war with Gaza Arab terrorists, was included in Wednesday's Google statistics. Terms associated with the war, including “Red Alert” and “Iron Dome” - referring to the warning system alerting residents of southern Israel to an incoming missile attack, and the anti-missile defense system that shot down Hamas terror rockets aimed at Israeli cities, were both among the top ten search terms.

However, other terms, including “general strike,” “Hurricane Sandy,” and “Instagram,” referring to the social media photo sharing site, were also among the top ten. Also included in the top ten was “iPhone 5,” which was also released in November.

Among questions users submitted to the Google search engine, “how to build a cellphone app” and “how to stop smoking” were among the most popular. The top question? “How to make more money.”