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      Iranian Parliament Ordered to Abandon Ahmadinejad Probe

      The Iranian parliament has been ordered to drop its probe of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, IRNA reported Wednesday.
      By Chana Ya'ar
      First Publish: 11/22/2012, 10:03 PM

      Iranian President Ahmadinejad
      Iranian President Ahmadinejad
      Israel news photo: Flash 90

      The Iranian parliament has been ordered to drop its probe of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iranian state news agency IRNA reported Wednesday.

      The country's "Supreme Leader," Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, allegedly expressed concern Iran's enemies would benefit from the interrogation.

      Khamenei himself initiated the probe, carried out by his own supporters in the parliament. For the first time in Iranian presidential history, Ahmadinejad was summoned for questioning by the legislative body in March of this year.

      However, this week Khamenei said, “We demand that the respected representatives not continue” with the probe over the economic crisis and the nosedive in the value of the rial. He termed the questioning to be “what the enemy seeks” -- a reference to Western nations.

      The economic crisis has resulted to a great extent from the severe sanctions imposed by the international community in its attempt to force Tehran to halt its nuclear development activities.

      Iran has ignored the pressure and continues to enrich uranium, having already reached the 20 percent enrichment mark at which crude weapons-grade nuclear fuel can be produced. It is now attempting to move beyond that level.

      "The country needs tranquility. Authorities also need it to carry out their tasks. People also like peace,” Khamenei was quoted as saying.

      Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani acknowledged the Supreme Leader's instructions and assured him the house would not pursue the matter further.