French CRIF Calls for Solidarity in Paris Protest

French Jewish organization is staging a protest to differentiate between defensive measures taken by Israel and terrorist tactics of Hamas.

Rachel Hirshfeld ,

pro-Israel protest
pro-Israel protest

The French umbrella Jewish organization, CRIF, is planning to stage a demonstration in Paris Tuesday night “to differentiate between the Israeli government acting in self-defence of its people and Hamas launching rockets at them without provocation in the preceding days”, the European Jewish Press reported.

In a statement, CRIF asserted the necessity to demonstrate “you cannot make an equivalence between the State of Israel, which attempts to spare civilians through making precise strikes and announcements, and Hamas which puts civilians in the front line by hiding its murderous weapons amongst them”.

The announcement followed French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius’ visit to Israel on Sunday, where he repeated his calls for a French assisted ceasefire saying, “France is a peace-seeking nation; we maintain relations with everyone and will do all in our power to assist in returning quiet to the region."

Fabius met with Israeli Prime Minister Binjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, with the aim of calling on all parties “to stop the escalation and to propose France’s help to reach an immediate ceasefire”, read a statement released by his office.

CRIF continued to assert that it is of utmost importance to demonstrate the difference between “the democratic and pluralistic State of Israel, and the terrorist and totalitarian Hamas movement, which advocates a culture of death and which espouses genocidal rhetoric against Jews in its charter”.

“Those who threaten Israel threaten the friends of Israel,” the statement contended, asserting that “it’s the duty of all those in favor of direct negotiations to make a commitment for peace” by attending the demonstration.

The CRIF called on “all Jewish organizations and individuals who love and support the Jewish State to unite” in participating in the pro-Israel solidarity protest.