European Jewish Officials Embark on IDF Aid Effort

A delegation of the European Jewish Union and the European Jewish Parliament embark on IDF humanitarian aid effort.

Rachel Hirshfeld ,

Hareidi-religious soldiers
Hareidi-religious soldiers
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A delegation of the European Jewish Union (EJU) and of the European Jewish Parliament (EJP) delivered humanitarian aid Monday to Israeli soldiers on the front line.

The delegation, led by EJU President Igor Kolomoisky and EJP's co-chairs Joel Rubinfeld and Vadim Rabinovich, launched an extensive program aimed at providing humanitarian support for the Israeli Defense Forces, who are defending the State of Israel tirelessly from terrorist activity and the unremitting barrage of rocket attacks.

The packages, which contained necessary items as well as religious literature, were distributed directly to military units often under direct fire, The European Jewish Press reported.

Chief Rabbi of the Ukraine, Moshe-Reuven Azman, was present as Israeli soldiers put on tefilin and prayed for peace in the Jewish homeland.

"I see here, on the front line, very young people, in fact - children . But today these children, like the whole army of Israel, are outposts combating international terrorism," said EJP co-chair Vadim Rabinovich, commenting on the trip.

"Helping them is our direct duty. Together with the President of the European Jewish Union, Igor Kolomoisky, we had numerous important and representative meetings in Israel, we shared our views on the situation," he said, according to the European Jewish Press.

"The whole world, except provocateurs and liars, understands that today Israel is defending itself and protects all of us from terrorism. We will continue to pursue the humanitarian programs to support the army and the people of Israel. Also we will provide political support for Israel in Europe through EJU and EJP," he added.