Strike on Center Leaves Southern Residents Wondering Where Now?

With a rocket reaching south Tel Aviv, residents of the south who are ready to relocate, wonder if TA residents will do the same.

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Annie Lubin,

Israelis find shelter from the rockets in a s
Israelis find shelter from the rockets in a s

A long-range rocket that has succeeded in reaching just south of Tel Aviv has southern residents wondering if the cosmopolitan city's residents will soon be joining them in moving to areas out of rocket range.

Efforts began on Wednesday to relocate families in the south with host families in Samaria (Shomron), Modiin and Gush Etzion, out of rocket range, but some residents of Ashdod were seen Thursday packing up their belongings to head for the center of the country.

Families were encouraged to relocate to safer parts of the country until the Pillar of Defense operation is over and after seeing the number of rockets that rained down Thursday, many realized their families and children needed to be in a quiet area.

"I cannot be a hero at my children's expense," said one resident who lives in an Orthodox neighborhood in Ashdod. After being trapped in his home in the early morning due to non-stop rockets, he realized he could no longer stay in his home as that would put his family's life at risk.

"If you listen to the instructions coming from Home Front Command, the danger is lessening. But when I see the fear in the eyes of my children - I can not stand it. I feel that I do not have the authority to force them to stay here," he said.

Many residents in areas which witnessed heavy rocket attacks shared the same sentiments, but with reports of a rocket reaching south Tel Aviv just a short while ago, realized that the center of the country cannot guarantee a sense of security either for the time being.

"Is the center safer?", one resident wondered amid plans to go to there with his children over the weekend. "I am convinced the air attacks will spread even to the center, so is that any safer than Ashdod?" he pondered.

"The only advice is probably to stay home and listen to all security instructions. It seems there really is no one to rely on other than our Father in Heaven."