MK Danon's 'Code Red' Petition Breached by Kuwaiti Hackers

Kuwaiti hackers breached Likud MK Danny Danon's online petition, which called on Israel to stop supplying terrorists with electricity.

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Rachel Hirshfeld ,

Danny Danon
Danny Danon
Flash 90

Soon after Likud MK Danny Danon launched an online petition calling on the State of Israel to stop supplying Gaza with electricity, it had been breached by Kuwaiti hackers.

The hackers posted a message reading “Team Kuwait Hackers”, along with photos of missiles and Ahmed Said Khalil Jabari, the senior Hamas figure who was killed in an IAF strike on Wednesday.

Before the website had been breached, the petition had garnered over 5000 signatures in less than 24 hours.

“If the State of Israel is experiencing a ‘code red’ emergency, Gaza should be experiencing code black,” asserted Danon, in reference to the electricity, provided by Israel, which has yet to be shut off despite the continuing barrage of rocket attacks against Jewish communities launched by terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

He argued that Hamas owes Israel over NIS 103 million for providing its population with electricity. Instead of repaying the debt, however, terrorists launch unremitting rocket attacks against the Jewish state and its civilians.

“Just as England did not provide Germany with electricity as bombs were falling on London during World War II, so should Israel not be providing electricity to Gaza as terrorists threaten the safety and security of its citizens and as continue shelling Israeli communities,” maintained Danon.

"If extremist hackers broke into my website because of the petition, we must be doing something right," Danon stated, commenting on the hack.