IDF Hits Gaza's Weapons Capabilities and Stockpiles

Extensive damage to the long-term launch capabilities and weapons warehouses of terror organizations in Gaza.<br/>

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Israeli forces struck Gaza Wednesday
Israeli forces struck Gaza Wednesday

In the wide scale effort to stop terrorists from continuing their barrage of rocket launches into Israel, the IDF Wednesday caused extensive damage to the long-term launch capabilities (over 40 km) of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The army also caused significant damage to underground delivery systems and weapons warehouses in their efforts to weaken the terrorist organizations in Gaza.

The army said that the purpose of the attack is to disrupt the launch capabilities of the terrorist organizations and to hit their stockpiles of weapons.

Gaza is ruled by Hamas and serves as an Iranian proxy, which puts the citizens of Israel under constant rocket fire and unbearable threats.

An IDF source told Arutz Sheva that the targets hit were identified by accurate intelligence and exact information gathered in recent months. Many of the weapons storage sites were located in residential buildings in Gaza. "This is further evidence of the way Hamas operates and their use of the population of Gaza as ‘human shields,’" the source said.