Video: Netanyahu Greets Chabad Shluchim

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu praises Chabad shluchim for bringing Jews around the world closer to Judaism.

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Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski,

International Conference of Shluchim 5771
International Conference of Shluchim 5771
Baruch Ezagui

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sent video greetings to the Chabad shluchim (emissaries) as they gathered in New York for their annual conference this week.

Netanyahu praised the work done by Chabad emissaries around the world to make Jews feel closer to Judaism.

“Chabad’s emissaries reach almost all parts of the world and Jews wherever they are know that they can arrive in some remote country in Asia and Chabad is there,” said Netanyahu. “They can come to South America and Chabad is there. In North America for sure. Everywhere. And this is like a magnet which provides warmth and love of Israel in each corner of the globe, and I think this is in line with the spirit of the Rebbe.”

“You are doing holy work,” he told the emissaries. “You bring people back to Judaism, you keep them in Judaism and you mainly educate for love of Israel. And I want to tell you, as a member of the people of Israel, that the people of Israel truly appreciate it. Not just me, but the citizens of Israel and the people of Israel appreciate the wonderful work that you do.”

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, director of the International Conference of Shluchim, described the conference as a great success – despite the fact that Hurricane Sandy devastated the usual venue.

“It was a most exhilarating and exciting experience for everyone who attended,” he said. “It was very meaningful. Everyone is walking away from here re-energized, full of power, ready to bring light and goodness and kindness to their communities.”