Israel's Facebook Diplomacy in Crybaby Mode?

Foreign Office and IDF resort to statuses enumerating the rockets Gaza fired on Israel.

Gil Ronen ,

IDF graphic
IDF graphic
IDF Facebook page

Unable or unwilling to take military action against the terror entity that is lobbing missiles at its civilian populace, Israel has resorted to what some may term crybaby diplomacy.

The Foreign Ministry joined the IDF Sunday and Monday in publishing Facebook status images that enumerate the missiles fired at Israel.

An image posted to the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Facebook page said: "30 missiles, 1 day," in plain white-on-black letters. By the time the status was uploaded, it was outdated – as dozens of additional missiles crashed into Israeli territory. 

On Monday morning, the ministry uploaded a photo showing security men inspecting a spent missile casing in Sderot and announcing that 100 missiles had been fired since Sunday.  

While the Foreign Ministry's graphics on this subject have the look of an improvised project, the IDF has been publishing such graphic messages for months and offers a more sophisticated and professional product. The image posted on the IDF's Facebook page says "One million Israelis living under fire" against a stylized red and black background.

The idea behind this public information effort is obviously to portray Israel as the victim of Arab terror and not the victimizer of Gaza. However, it also inadvertently highlights the Israeli government's embarrassing position vis-à-vis its citizens, as it refrains from taking military action to crush the terror entity that terrorizes them.