Likud Anglos Director Announces Knesset Run

American-born Knesset candidate Daniel Tauber says he would reform "terrible" political system.

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Daniel Tauber
Daniel Tauber
Tauber campaign

Likud Anglos Executive Director Daniel Tauber has announced his candidacy for a spot on the Likud Party’s list of candidates for the 19th Knesset in a letter to supporters.

In the letter, Tauber said he sees Israel and the Likud as being “at a crossroads,” asking, “Will the Likud support the creation of a Palestinian state? Will it be the party that destroys communities in the heart of our homeland in fear of international pressure?”

Tauber said that while “the Likud has many talented members, there is still a significant need for ideologically committed yet professional voices in the party and the Knesset.”

While Tauber supports Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s leadership of the country, he has criticized the Prime Minister’s Bar Ilan speech and settlement freeze, as well as his delay in bringing the Levy Report to the cabinet for discussion. Tauber actively lobbies against Palestinian statehood and the destruction of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and often calls for greater commitment to the Land of Israel on the part of the Likud and the Prime Minister.

Over the years Tauber has also advocated for electoral reform, claiming the current political system promotes corruption and puts power in the hands of vote contractors.

In a Facebook message to supporters before Shabbat, Tauber noted that his campaign for Knesset “is the first step in a longer campaign to change the terrible political culture that rules in our country."

Tauber is running on the national portion of the Likud’s list, which means the more votes he gets, the higher he will appear on the list. He is also competing amongst the "young" candidates for the 35th spot.

Tauber began his political career ten years ago as a pro-Israel activist at Brooklyn College, where he worked with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the Zionist Organization of America on a number of projects. He served as president of the pro-Israel club, the Hillel/Jewish Student Union, and then the student government. He also edited a variety of student newspapers including one he founded, The New American Voice, which promoted a hawkish, pro-Israel foreign policy for the US.

After college, Tauber organized a grassroots group called the Committee L’ma’an Tzion, which distributed anti-Disengagement literature across New York City and organized a rally against Ehud Olmert’s “Convergence Plan” in July 2006.