Israeli Arab MKs: Assad is the Victim

Despite the all-around condemnation of Bashar Assad, Israeli Arab MKs held a rally to support him Wednesday

David Lev,

Fighting in Syria
Fighting in Syria
Israel news photo: Flash 90

While many in the Arab world condemn Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for his attacks on Syrian civilians, and the UN and Arab League have threatened intervention, Israeli Arab MKs held a rally to support Assad. According to Aram MK Sa'id Nafa of Balad and former MK Issam Mahoul of Hadash, who led the rally, the violence in Syria is part of a “conspiracy” against Assad.

At a press conference, the two expressed full support for Assad and his policies. Those who did not support Assad, they said were really the cause of the violence, and were “causing the whole country to sink in the mud.”

MKs and VIPs of the Arab community spoke to a crowd of several hundred, who were waving Syrian flags and pictures of Assad. A large Syrian flag was draped across the stage.

In his speech, Nafa blamed the violence in Syria on the United States, which he said was “funding and supplying arms to the rebels. The Syrian army must remain strong in the face of the attacks against it, as it fights those who would hurt Syria. Bashar Assad has supported our cause, and now we must repay him,” said Nafa.