Morsi Stands Up for 'Palestinians'

Egypt does not accept nor can turn a blind eye to any aggression against 'Palestinians', says President Mohammed Morsi.

Elad Benari,

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi
Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi

Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi said on Wednesday that Egypt does not accept nor can turn a blind eye to any aggression against Palestinian Authority Arabs, the state-owned news agency MENA reported.

“We don’t accept that people of Palestine are besieged,” Morsi was quoted as having said during an Endowments Ministry celebration of Preachers’ Day.

He explained that Egypt after the revolution would never consent to any aggression over PA Arabs, alluding to former President Hosni Mubarak, who some accused of turning a blind eye to Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza in late 2008 and early 2009.

Morsi stressed that Egypt supports PA Arabs with food and medications, adding that “the Palestinian case is pivotal for us.”

"We do not declare war on anyone. Palestinian rights will not be lost, we are in the same trench with our kin [Palestinians] against any aggression toward them," he said.

Morsi did not mention the fact that Gaza-based terrorists had fired more than 80 rockets at southern Israel between Wednesday morning and Wednesday afternoon.

Three people were wounded, two of them seriously, and three homes were hit in the morning rocket barrage. On Wednesday night there were conflicting reports regarding a supposed Egyptian-brokered ceasefire that was reached between Gaza’s Hamas rulers and Israel.

Concerns have been raised over the Israel-Egypt peace treaty since Morsi took power.

Morsi, a long-time member of the Muslim Brotherhood, has repeatedly said he would respect international treaties signed by Cairo, but the Brotherhood has also said there is room to revise the accords.

Last week, an adviser to Morsi called to urgently change the peace treaty with Israel.

This week, the Simon Wiesenthal Center called on President Barack Obama to publicly condemn  Morsi, after he attended a sermon where the preacher called for the "destruction and dispersal of the Jews."

At the same time, Morsi recently sent a letter to his Israeli counterpart, Shimon Peres, in which he referred to the Israeli president as a "great friend."