Trump's 'Obama Bombshell' is a Dud

Donald Trump offers $5 million if Obama releases college and passport records.

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Gil Ronen,

Donald Trump (left)
Donald Trump (left)

Donald Trump's much-touted "bombshell" regarding Barack Obama is a dud.

Trump has released a video in which he says that if Obama provides his college records and applications, and if he provides his passport applications and records, Trump will give to a charity of Obama's choice $5 million.

"The check will be given within one hour after he releases all of the records so stated," said Trump.

Trump has badgered the president with various claims, including doubts that he was born in the United States, a condition for being president. He insists Obama was born in Kenya, and the billionaire has unnerved Obama enough that the president called Trump a “carnival barker."

There was speculation that Trump would provide records showing that Obama's wife, Michelle, had initiated divorce proceedings against him 12 years ago and that he covered this up. It turned out, however, that Trump had no such ace up his sleeve, only an offer that Obama can easily ignore, delivered in a style that some would call condescending.