Yaakov Teitel's Wife Interrogated by Police

Rivka Teitel, whose husband is charged with nationalist crimes, has been released to her home.

Gil Ronen,

Yaakov Teitel
Yaakov Teitel
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Rivka Teitel, the wife of Yaakov (Jack) Teitel, who is accused of nationalist crimes, was taken from her home at Shvut Rachel Sunday morning and interrogated by police. She was released after the interrogation and returned to her home.

It is not yet known what she was interrogated about.

Yaakov Teitel was arrested in 2009 and will stand trial for a series of nationalist crimes. These include the murder of two Arabs in 1997, setting off a bomb at the home of a Christian family in the city of Ariel, injuring one person seriously; placing bombs at several police headquarters, and placing a bomb in the yard of the home of radical left-wing Professor Ze’ev Sternhell.

Judges ruled that Teitel was fit to stand trial. In May, they accepted a plea bargain agreement between Teitel and the State Prosecution in which he admitted most of the charges against him, but stopped short of convicting him. Teitel's lawyers are still trying to convince the court that he was not responsible for his actions when he committed them.

Rivka Teitel was also arrested, then released, three years ago, when she was heading toward the Petach Tikva court, where a hearing in her husband's case was being held.