Masked Men Infiltrate IDF Base, Steal Weapons

IDF hunting thieves who broke into a base, tied up a soldier and stole weapons.

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Maayana Miskin,

IDF base (illustrative)
IDF base (illustrative)
Flash 90

Masked men broke into an IDF base in northern Israel early on Friday morning and stole weapons, Channel 2 reports. The four thieves managed to overpower and tie down a soldier guarding the area.

The four managed to escape after the theft. IDF troops are searching the area for the suspects.

At the same time, military investigators are looking into the possibility that the thieves had inside help.

In a similar incident in late July, a Palestinian Authority resident managed to infiltrate an IDF base in the Jordan Valley. The man stole weapons and ammunition and made his way toward the exit.

In that incident, soldiers discovered the thief and arrested him before he could make an escape.