Gaza Arabs Fire Rocket on Israeli Civilians

Terrorists fired a rocket at southern Israel which exploded without causing damage or injuries.

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Gil Ronen,

Kassam Impact Site
Kassam Impact Site
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Gaza Arabs fired a rocket at southern Israel late Thursday, which exploded without causing damage or injuries.

According to a police spokeswoman, the rocket was fired toward Kissufim, east of Gaza. "It hit an open field," she said.

Early on Thursday morning, the Israeli Air Force attacked a Hamas terror site south of Gaza City. Gaza medics and security sources said the attack resulted in no injuries.

"The site was targeted in response to the rocket fire at southern Israel," the IDF said in a statement.

On Wednesday, terrorists in Gaza fired two rockets into southern Israel, also causing no casualties or damage.

Hamas, an Iranian proxy force, prides itself on its supposed military prowess, and on guerrilla operations against military targets like the abduction of Gilad Shalit. However, its favored target by far is Israel's civilian populace. When the IDF responds to attacks on Israeli civilians, the terrorists tend to hide behind their own women and children, whom they use as shields.

Israel has vastly greater firepower than Hamas, and should it ever decide to purposely attack Arab civilians in Gaza, it could, theoretically at least, obliterate the entire region. So far in the war of attrition against Hamas, Israel has made every effort not to hit Arab civilian targets, pinpointing terrorists in hits based on accurate intelligence.