Israeli UAV Crash Lands in Samaria

The IDF is currently looking into what caused a UAV to malfunction and crash land in Samaria

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Annie Lubin,

A UAV crash landed in Samaria Wednesday
A UAV crash landed in Samaria Wednesday
Udi Zagir, courtesy Samaria Residents's Council

An IDF drone landed Wednesday night in Samaria near the town of Har Bracha. 

According to the IDF,  during the aircraft's landing descent, it veered off course. The drone hit the ground unexpectedly, and was damaged. 

The IDF spokesman added that army personnel arrived at the scene of the crash landing to check on the damage to the unmanned aircraft in an attempt to figure out why it had not landed properly. 

Military officials claimed the aircraft was carrying out a routine mission in the Samaria region when a technical malfunction forced the plane to the ground. 

The official added that as a result of the crash, the wing of the aircraft was damaged.