Netanyahu Commends EU on Iran

PM Netanyahu commends the European Union on its sanctioning of Iran.

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Scott Krane,

Netanyahu and EU diplomats
Netanyahu and EU diplomats
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Prime Minister Netanyahu praised the European Union on Tuesday for the latest round of sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic.   "I would like to commend the European Union on the harsh sanctions it adopted yesterday (Monday) against the greatest threat to peace in our time," Netanyahu told (Nobel Peace Prize-winning) European Union diplomats in Jerusalem. 

"These are serious sanctions against Iran," he said. "When the centrifuges stop spinning and the Iranian nuclear program is halted, we shall know that they [the sanctions] have achieved their aim… 

"I believe that all those who seek to ensure world peace and security share this aim, not only in the Middle East but throughout the world. These are momentous issues and momentous times," said the Prime Minister.  

Netanyahu also said, "Would that we could replicate in the Middle East what was achieved in Europe," he said. "That is, decades of stability and peace and tranquillity" even though "Israel and the Europeans do not always see eye to eye".