Iran: Our Drone 'Shattered' Talk about Iron Dome

Iranian Defense Minister: "It became clear that the Zionist regime cannot escape Muslim anger."

Scott Krane ,

Destruction of UAV
Destruction of UAV
Courtesy: IDF Spokesman

Iran jeered at Israel's air defenses Sunday while confirming that Tehran had provided Lebanon's proxy Lebanese militia Hizbullah with the sophisticated drone that passed over the skies of the Jewish state earlier this month.

Iran's "capabilities are very high and are at the disposal and service of Islamic nations," said Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi when asked about the origins of the unmanned aerial craft.

"It is natural to use whatever we have at our disposal at the necessary time to defend the lands of the Islamic world…This move shows that Hizbullah is fully prepared ... and will respond to the Zionist regime." he said.

The drone that overflew Israel "shattered everything that was said about the Iron Dome system (Israel's air defence shield) and it became clear that the Zionist regime cannot escape Muslim anger." he added.

Last week, Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah said that the drone was "Iranian built and assembled in Lebanon."