Elections in Israel Maybe in February

Netanyahu is expected to announce new elections this evening that will take place as soon as February.

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רה"מ נתניהו מתייחס לפתרון שהושג היום בנושא המ
רה"מ נתניהו מתייחס לפתרון שהושג היום בנושא המ
לע"מ וידאו

After a day in which rumors were rampant on the subject, the Prime Minister's office has announced that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will make an announcement to the press at 8 p.m.Tuesday night from his office.  The rumors have it that he will announce that general elections will be held as early as February 2013.
If the announcement is made tonight,  the fifth session of the 18th Knesset will be quite short and will pass a law for  its own dissolution until after new elections.
Last Sunday, coalition Chairman Ze'ev Elkin admitted that early elections are inevitable as the state budget for next year cannot be passed in the present Knesset..
"All the parties want to pass the budget and not go to the polls, but each wants another party's ministry to 'pay the bill' …the result of this situation is that there will be no choice and we will find ourselves in an election campaign," said Elkin.
Elkin admits that the additional budget given to different items such as free education from age 3, tax credits for parents of children up to age 3 and other benefits, require sources for funding, some of which will be financed by an increase in the budget but that the other part will have to come from reducing items such as child allowances, to which some coalition members will not acquiesce.

According to polls and media speculation, Netanyahu and the Likud are expected to win the elections if held soon.

A poll in Israel shows the Labor party winning 19 seats, Ehud Barak's new Independent faction 2, and the ruling Likud 28 seats.