Rep. Franks: Jews won't Go Back to Gas Chambers

Dozens of pro-Israel lawmakers from the world over convene in Jerusalem: stop Iran nukes

Gil Ronen,

Rep. Trent Franks
Rep. Trent Franks
Sasson Tiram

Dozens of lawmakers from the world over convened in Jerusalem this week at the International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation (IIACF) convention, and expressed their strong support for Israel in the face of the Iranian nuclear threat.

Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), who took part in the IIACF's news conference after the event, said that "if Iran has nuclear weapons, we will need a new calendar, because these weapons will completely change the world as we know it. I have a problem with the approach that says 'Israel will take care of the Iranian threat.' I am not saying it is ineffective, but it is not solely its responsibility. It is the responsibility of all free people the world over. Israel cannot stand alone for the entire world."

"Thousands of Hamas and Hizbullah missiles will rain down on Israel and Israel has every right to do all it can to ensure that this will not happen," the congressman added. "Israeli security should be in Israeli hands. The Jewish people cannot go back to the gas chambers. This is the statement that needs to be heard from all over the world. The world must unite and act as an international human family and not allow the use of nuclear weapons. Our commitment to Israel is something that is important for the entire world and I hope that Israel understands this commitment."

Franks added that President Barack Obama "spends more time criticizing Israel for construction in its capital, Jerusalem, than he does criticizing Ahmadinejad and the Iranian regime for developing nuclear weapons."

MEP Hannu Takula said: "Jerusalem is the Holy City for three religions, but it is important to remember that G-d gave it to the Jews. Therefore there is a need to determine that Jerusalem will be the exclusive capital of Israel. The Bible states clearly that G-d will bless Israel, and when we work to help Israel we are working for our nations as well."

About 3,000 Christian supporters of Israel attended the IIACF event this week.