New RJC Ad: 'The Hope is Gone'

The Republican Jewish Coalition released a new television ad on Wednesday, targeting Jewish voters in swing states.

Rachel Hirshfeld ,

President Obama
President Obama

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) released a new television ad on Wednesday targeting Jewish voters in the swing states of Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The ad is one in a series entitled “Buyer’s Remorse,” which features testimonies by individuals who explain why their perceptions of President Obama changed over the course of his presidency and why they will not be supporting the incumbent in the upcoming elections.

“In the last election I voted for Barack Obama,” says Renie Tell, a Democrat who voted for Obama in 2008. “I guess I fell for hope and change, like everybody else.  The hope is gone and the change didn’t happen and I think what changed, has changed for the worse.”

“I don’t think Barack Obama is a friend of Israel at all,” she says, explaining her decision. “The economy is in a horrible situation. The kids are graduating college without jobs. You see so many houses in foreclosure. The debt is out of control.”

“I think we can do better than Barack Obama,” the ad concludes.

Republicans are spending millions of dollars in television advertising and billboards in an effort to reach out to Jewish voters.

In the August installment of “Buyer’s Remorse,” Brad, a New York attorney, explains that while he, too, supported President Obama in the 2008 race for the White House, he will not be doing so again.

In the ad, which came out following Mitt Romney’s trip to Israel, Brad highlighted that while President Obama chose to visit other countries “around” Israel numerous times, he has never step foot in the Jewish state while in office.

“I find it unbelievable that President Obama, who alleges that he is a very strong friend of Israel, has never stepped foot in that country since he’s been president,” he said.  “He’s been to many countries around it, more than once, but never set foot in Israel.  That’s a problem for me.”

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