Ron Lauder Calls Idea of Israeli Attack on Iran a 'Catastrophe'

U.S. businessman Ron Lauder calls a possible non-U.S. backed Israeli attack on Iran a 'catastrophe.'

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Annie Lubin,

in German paper, Ron Lauder blasts idea of Is
in German paper, Ron Lauder blasts idea of Is

During an interview with a German newspaper, U.S. businessman and World Jewish Congress leader Ron Lauder called a possible Israeli attack on Iran without the backing of the United States a "catastrophe."

Voice of Israel radio translated the interview from the newspaper Der Spiegel:

"Lauder warned of a unilateral Israeli attack on Iran….He judged that if Israel acted without American support such an attack would be a catastrophe.  Such a military operation would isolate Israel from its allies. He offred a reminder that before the Gulf War that everyone was certain that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.  In hindsight, it turns out he didn’t.  If they erred then it’s possible that everyone [who claims Iran has or wants nukes] now is wrong as well."

Although Lauder maintains very right-wing political views, and is considered to be close with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, he and the  Israeli PM have had their clashes.

Lauder has a stake in Israel's TV Channel 10, whose news reporters often air harsh critiques of Netanyahu's actions.

The  station's license is in danger of revocation because it has been behind on paying its licensing fees to the tune of millions..