Video: Netanyahu Meets NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

PM Netanyahu and NYC Mayor Bloomberg meet following UN speech, emphasize the need for "red lines" for Iran.

Elad Benari ,

Mayor Bloomberg and Prime Minister Binyamin N
Mayor Bloomberg and Prime Minister Binyamin N

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion. The meeting was held after Netanyahu’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly, in which he said that Iran must be told that if it reaches enough uranium enriched to the 90% level in order to make a nuclear bomb, it will be attacked.

Bloomberg and Netanyahu held a press conference after their meeting, during which Bloomberg praised Netanyahu for his UN speech.

“I think that Prime Minister Netanyahu made a very compelling case today why a clear red line is needed and why that will help preserve peace,” said Bloomberg, “and I’m sure that the U.S. and Israel can work out a common policy in the interests of both nations and in the interests of peace.

“The fact is,” he continued, “that the most painful and tragic lesson of the 20th century was that regimes based on racial superiority and religious hatred can’t be trusted to keep their word to the international community. When we say ‘never again’, we must mean it and that requires us to draw certain lines before we reach the point of no return, so that we don’t wake up one day and realize that it is too late.”

Bloomberg noted the strong connection between his city and Israel, saying that both were built by immigrants and that both have been under the threat of terrorism. He emphasized that both New York and Israel have remained strong and undeterred in the wake of terror threats.

Netanyahu said that Bloomberg stands “for the friendship between Israel and the United States and the deep sympathies that emanate from this common commitment to freedom.”

“I think that we are at auspicious times and it’s important to be clear and unambiguous about our determination to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons,” he added. “It shouldn’t happen and it can be stopped if we’re clear and resolved about the red lines that Iran must not pass.

“We’re in close consultations with the United States about this issue, about how to practically prevent Iran from moving ahead,” said Netanyahu. “I believe it’s achievable and we’ll continue to work towards that goal.”