Nutrition: Cleansing Inside and Outside

Cleansing can be inner as well as outer.

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Nili Abrahams, CHHC,

Volunteer prepares food packages
Volunteer prepares food packages
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Yom Kipper is a time of ridding oneself of this past year’s sins and working on improving our character. I have been thinking about cleansing lately. There are so many different kinds of cleanses out there for varying lengths of time claiming varieties of exciting promises.

Have you thought of kick starting a diet with guided cleanses? Can this be the perfect time to clear out your system, but have no idea where to begin?

I was inspired by this morning’s gardening as I cleared out my garden bed of a tough strain of overgrown grass. This grass crept and suffocated beautiful delicate plants competing for water and sunlight. At times, it was tough job as many of the roots appeared in unexpected places. The approach I took was slow and careful watching to minimize potential damage. Like my garden, perhaps we all need a clearing periodically as we clog our bodies with too much coffee, fats, sugars and process foods.

According to Joshua Rosenthal of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, when it comes to fasting and cleansing, he understands that heroic activities may appeal to our mind, but can wreak havoc on our bodies. A quick fix is not the answer to sustained weight loss for overall improved health.

Taking a middle approach, doing things in a gentle calculating manner makes sense. Try stopping to drink coffee instead prepare a tea of water, lemon and fresh ginger a few times a day. If you are sensitive to dairy, stop eating it for a month and see about introducing it back to your diet again slowly.

To clear our mind and soul from our daily struggles walk in nature, along a beach or in a forest. Start a yoga practice or spend quiet moments alone breathing and reflecting on your life’s purpose and how you can achieve that purpose with acts kindness to yourself and others needing your special gift. I am sure you can find your way.

May you all be inscribed in the Book of Life to a life of health as we clear ourselves from old habits and negative thoughts infusing ourselves with joy and G-d’s Presence.

And remember you can choose your best life one step at a time.

Nili Abrahams, Certified Holistic Health Coach, integrating Health and Wellness with Torah’s Wisdom.